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About Us

Where Do We Start?

At Libby Caran Thomas Design, we understand that most people rarely build or remodel their homes.  Many clients come to us in the process of relocating, getting married, combining households, having a baby, recovering from storm damage, &/or selling & purchasing property.  The entire process can feel overwhelming, & the construction process can feel like a foreign language.  At LCT Design, we have the experience to help.  Each phase of the design process is broken down into manageable portions, & there are always opportunities to discuss & review along the way.  With each phase, we prepare your project for necessary outside submittals as needed, such as Homeowner’s Associations, City Permitting, Lending Institutions, Historic Foundations, Contractor Bids, Structural Review, & more.



Every aspect of your home is customizable. Have large antique furniture to place? Kayaks to store? Current or future mobility concerns? Extreme handbag collection? No problem. At LCT Design, we have designed “Princess Tower” Bedrooms, Dog Rooms, Second Kitchens, Secret Passages, Christmas Tree Rooms, & more. We design for you & your family, & we love a challenge. At the same time, there is often the possibility of creating customized spaces which can also accommodate uses for future needs or resale.

Architectural Experience

Through the years, the designers at LCT Design have designed homes from cabins to chateaus, & everything in between. Designing for narrow-lot townhomes through sprawling estate homes allows us to create customized features for homes of any scale. Whether your home is located in a rural, water-front, metropolitan, suburban, estate, or multi-family location, we can accommodate the needs of your particular site. Even “difficult” sites with topographical changes, flood zone requirements, lot restrictions, traffic zoning, exterior requirements, & view restrictions are all part of the standard considerations we take in designing your home.

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